Architecture & Construction

We work to achieve a dynamic and long term partnership in the architecture, design and graphics markets. Optimizing quality, we assure that the client’s satisfaction is met throughout the service. see us…


Dicazza is a professional company, providing high-quality and reliable 3d application and technology development service to architects, urban planners, real estate developers and advertising agencies. we provide Architectural Services, 3D Visualizations. We offer a service distinguished for its excellence by gaining integral solutions that optimize productivity with a high level of efficiency in  quality, time and cost.


Since 1982 we are dedicated to the construction of houses of different scales, our extensive experience allows us to offer a differentiated service and responsible. build their dreams of permanent housing.

Architectural design and presentation drawings
Department of Building drawings
"Existing Condition" Drawings and Tenant Improvement packages
Architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans
Construction documents for billing and construction
Construction Management